Chiropractic sessions

If you got here it’s because you do not feel well. You accumulate tensions and worries that are reflected in a general malaise that, at times, is difficult to identify.
You may think that chiropractic only cures back problems, hernias, lumbago, contractures or sciatica … but nothing is further from reality.
Through chiropractic and through customized sessions adapted to each patient, you will see improvements in other aspects, both physical and emotional; anxiety, stress or insomnia among others.

When to visit a chiropractor?

Many patients come to the consultation exhausted, when all other treatments and techniques have failed and everything goes wrong.
Chiropractic is a science of healing, but it should be used as maintenance and care to prevent, before the person is ill.
The advisable and ideal is that chiropractic is part of the lifestyle of patients. That the revisions and sessions are a regular care to detect the problems in time, before the pain appears.
Regular chiropractic care maintains and guarantees the well-being and health of your body and mind.

How are the sessions and how many do I need?
Each treatment plan is individual and is established based on the needs of each patient, their health status and their interests.
If you want to know more about what chiropractic is and all it can do for you, I’ll explain it here in depth.
If you have any questions, please write me, I will be happy to listen to you.
And if you want to visit us directly call or write to our center Quiropràctic l’Olivera, and you tell Barbara or Ia that you want to see me 🙂