Chiropractic and Health

What is chiropractic?

Our back is like a map of our body and our emotions.

Our whole body is connected with what we feel, with what we live and each of our steps is reflected in our face, in our innermost organs … and of course, in our back.

Chiropractic is the health profession that studies the relationship between the nervous system, our emotions and the rest of the body’s systems.

Its goal is to help the body in its natural ability to heal and regenerate through proper care and as long as the nervous system is free from interference. The objective: to improve the functioning of our body, thus optimizing all your internal health potential.

Chiropractic powers your health taking care of your back,
listening to your emotions and identifying your conflicts.

What happens when the nervous system is stuck?

The spine protects our spinal cord and its connection to the brain. Any bad vertebral position will press the spinal cord and our brain will not be able to do its job well … With all that this implies for our well-being and our daily life: anger, fatigue, bad mood, pain …

If we think of the spinal cord as a hose and the vertebrae are compared to a foot, any vertebra that we have poorly placed will act as if it were a foot on the hose, preventing us from getting the correct information to the brain and it will not be able to respond to what we ask.

What does your back say about you?

The back pains and discomfort that you are suffering are related to a conflict or stress situation that, at this time, you can’t manage in the right way.

For example, cervicals represent communication conflicts, both with ourselves and with the outside world. However, pain or discomfort in the dorsals speaks of something not working quite well with your family and the role you play within it. It also happens when we bear a heavy emotional burden.

Meanwhile, the lower backs (lumbar) tell us about your values, beliefs and desires. This area of ​​the back talks about emotions and relationships with your closest environment and how you feel inside it, if you have an equal relationship, if you feel accepted or undervalued …

The lower part of the column is related to sexuality issues while the coccyx talks about your identity and where you are in the world.

Knowing what emotions each part of your back represents will help you identify potential conflicts, stress or situations that are hurting you.

The health of people can be affected by different causes:

• Physical stress. From the bad postures in the womb, the process of giving birth, growth, accidents, sedentary in the office, falls, pregnancies, everything can affect the correct alignment of the spine.

Chemical stress. Processed foods or pesticides, lack of hydration, medications, tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs, everything we eat or drink can affect our nervous system.

Emotional stress. Everything that we have to face in our life, worries, problems at work, at home, with family, with ourselves, affects us assuming a stress load that needs help so that the body and mind recover their harmony.

Chiropractic will help you eliminate interferences, called vertebral subluxations, so you can live with more energy and well-being. If your brain receives all possible risk, you can live connected to your environment and adapting to the circumstances of life with more emotional serenity and ability to resist stress. Your body doesn’t will decrease with age and will add more life to your years.

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