I have written two books in Spanish.


libro-vida-facil-roserdetiendaMAKES YOUR LIFE EASY.
A book about the health, challenges and life of authentic women, of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances, told from closeness and complicity ». Eli Romero: In her second book, the author reflected with courage and tenderness, but without losing the characteristic sense of humor, on some issues that are related to women’s health: the social pressure that causes being a “perfect” woman in this century, the challenge of conciliation, the biological clock, motherhood, divorce, the physical and hormonal changes of menopause or the blue princes that fade.
The author shares touching stories of real women who live overburdened by having work day double or triple, who claim vitamins, anxiolytics or a miracle for being able to continue as normal with their lives. This book also gives us a series of guidelines on how to take care of our health, and also the latest cutting-edge tools to help us be happier.



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This moving book teaches us in a simple but rigorous way to get a good physical and emotional skeleton in the baby, thanks to new advances in psychobiology, neuroscience and natural health care techniques. The author, chiropractic specialist of pediatrics, questions with brave questions certain topics that are not usually given importance:
how our attitude in pregnancy affects the future personality of the baby, in childbirth and in its upbringing; what can we do with our concerns to be better in our day to day and stop feeling overwhelmed? In his desire to contribute to a more conscious and sustainable world, this book, full of complicity and tenderness, brings a certain look without complexes, full of humor and vitalism, to a hot topic.
Both now and a thousand years ago: teaching parents that, to grow up healthy, love does matter.

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