Pediatric services

Children are another of our most beloved public.
In order to evaluate your baby it is necessary to make a first pediatric visit. This service is free from 0 to 1 year old provided that the mother is patient of the clinic.
My goal is that everyone has a healthy column from birth, without it being an additional cost for families.
The first visit is to make the complete history of your birth and to perform a check of your spine and psychomotor status.
We will evaluate your needs and propose the most appropriate frequency to correct the posture derived from birth, because at birth the neck and back of the baby are subjected to a huge pressure that can desajusted them.
The adjustments to balance them are made with very soft techniques adapted to their age.

Chiropractic for babies and children is very effective:
• Helps regulate your nervous system, ie brain-spinalcord-nerves-organs.
• Balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic system of the newborn, improving sleep.
• Relieves the dreaded colic of the infant.
• Get the babies calm and in a good mood.
• Improves the suction reflexes increasing your baby’s appetite.
• Because the nervous system controls all the functioning of the organs and systems of the body, the adjustments make the immune system optimized and the babies grow up healthy and less likely to get sick.
• The information and advice of your chiropractic will help you with all the doubts that arise in this period. Relaxed mom = baby relaxed.
• While your child is developing it is vital to check his spine to grow without deformations, scoliosis or other growth pathologies.

On a personal level, I will tell you that I am the mother of three wonderful children and I know first hand the importance of taking care of your column for a happy and balanced growth.

Come talk to me and take away those doubts!